Robert "Moon" McGeoch

Blues Singer

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Available CD's

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Moon, Blues Singer-

1. "Bass Meant Blues"--A collection of 16 Blues Songs

2. "In the Dark"--A collection of 20 Blues Songs

Welkin Trio "House" Recordings

1. "Audition" Tape August 12-14, 1974.

2. "Audition Master" Tape March 1975


Welkin with Chris Poland "Live" Recordings-

1. Welkin September '77 Volume I (Moon's lead vocals & instrumentals)

2. Welkin September '77 Volume II (Mike's lead vocals)

Welkin Trio "Live" Recordings (1976-77)

1. "Covers"

2. "Arrangements & More Covers"

3. "Originals"

4. "Leftovers", 2nd and 3rd takes"